Important Notice | Regarding Our Response to New Coronavirus Infection

Dear valued customers and customers,
We place the highest priority on ensuring the safety of customers and employees against new-type coronavirus infectious diseases, and are working on the following preventive measures.
Wearing a mask all the time, washing hands of employees, thorough gargling, health check (temperature measurement, malaise, cough, etc.), thorough disinfection, thorough disinfection of work space. Alcohol disinfectant is available in the company building, so please help us disinfect your fingers when you visit us.
If you have difficulty visiting our company, we also offer consultation through an online video call service. Consultation fee is free online, please feel free to contact us. For inquiries, please make a reservation from the inquiry form. The person in charge will contact you shortly.
We apologize for the inconvenience, and we appreciate your understanding.

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Corporate Profile

Company Name
Pure Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Takao Hatano
9F Shibuya Property Tower 32-12
Higashi 1-chome Shibuya, Tokyo






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Opening hours
on October, 1st, 2013
Selling/buying and brokerage of income properties.
Real estate consulting
Belonging organization
Tokyo Headquarters of National Association
For Real Estate Transaction Guaranty
Licensed Number
#8704 (2) Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation
Major Financing Banks
Mizuho Bank, Seibu Shinkin Bank, Tokyo Tomin Bank,
Bank of Yokohama, Shizuoka Bank, Suruga Bank,
Japan Post Bank, ORIX Bank, Japan Finance Corporation
Tax Adviser
IDEA Consulting Inc.

Message from the representative

There is nothing more important than feelings toward lands.

I was born and raised in the countryside of Niigata.
A town with population of only a hundred thousand
people.If you drive a few minutes by car from the
nearest station, you can see the country view all
around you. If you look down to your feet, you can
see the stream flowing. If you look back, you can see
the towering mountains. I've spent my 18 years in a
town like this.

My family was a part-time farmer, so I helped rice
planting in spring and harvesting in autumn. We not
only had rice fields but also had widespread
vegetable fields, where I helped my family grow
cabbages, eggplants and watermelons. I still
remember these experiences clearly.

I think I started to get interested in real estates from
that time. The improvement of agricultural
production base increased the agricultural
productivity, but the assigned lands were in a totally
different places from the ones we've owned. I
remember that I felt something's wrong about this.

Japanese people has long had a strong feeling about
land. And this is something that each of us treasure
more than anything else.
This is the reason why I want to think in a way that
we are "handing over" the land to our customers or
vice versa, rather than using the expression "sell" or
Helping people "handing over" their lands, or having
a chance to get a land from others, is something that
I would work on throughout my life.

Now we only deal with apartments, but in the future
we want to spread the business to building houses
and community development. I will continue working
on real estate business to make my dream come

Social Contribution Activities

We donate a certain amount of money agreeing with the purpose of social action work done by the groups below. We hope that part of the profits that we gained from our customers can contribute to the society.

International NGO World Vision Japan

Association of Shibata River lovers