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It's all about the customer.
We care about our customers just like friends and families care about each other.
. We take time to carefully listen to each customers' requests and introduce properties
  that suits their needs best.
. We help arranging loans that meets the customers' situation.
. We tell customers both advantages and disadvantages of the properties.
. We never use telemarketing, and usually use email to contact our customers.
. We focus on providing service with hospitality and speed.
We provide the most exceptional information from a number of properties listed in the market.
We gather information not only from REINS market information, but also from our original network.
We give customers advice on properties held by other companies as well.
If our customers' goals are realized with a property of another company, we think the contract should be made with them, and not with us.
Customers' satisfaction is our top priority.
We take responsibilities of the properties that our customers has purchased.
There are agents that do not communicate with the customers after they're done handing over the property.
We think that it is important to communicate with our customers and support them before and also after the property has been purchased.
We propose sales strategy and simulation of the property's holding period.
Monthly cash flow is not only the important thing to think about when purchasing a property.
We simulate the situation of the property's holding period, so that customers can see the increase of their assets.

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